Our Development Team

The team’s core competencies are in the Java ecosystem, leading edge frameworks and all the major cloud platforms including AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.  We are passionate about Docker, Kubernetes, Spring Boot, Microservices, cloud and distributed computing.  We use machine learning and AI not as buzzwords, but as technologies that enable unprecedented functionality in the upcoming digital transformation for almost every sector in the economy.

Our team includes regular contributors to Open Source projects such as those provided the Apache Software Foundation. They can therefore draw upon not only their existing relationships with teams that they have worked for together but also on a vast external network of the best software resources in the world.

We develop using agile methodologies, discovering requirements and developing solutions through the collaborative effort of self-organizing and cross-functional teams with our clients.  By using adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, and continual improvement, we develop faster, better and at a lower cost.  While it is a commonly accepted methodology nowadays, other development teams only pay lip service to the methodology, while succumbing to some of the pitfalls.  Our team has used agile methodologies since 2010 and our Scrum Masters have solutions to the issues of product design, sponsor support and training.  We use the Agility measurement index, rating development against five dimensions of product development (duration, risk, novelty, effort, and interaction).   We thus minimize the time and resources devoted for analysis, and enable our clients to get products to market much faster.


Almost every project we do requires integration with other systems.   Beyond our partners (see partner page) we are able to connect to many other systems (SAP, Oracle Siebel CRM, Ericsson Billing (former BSCS), Oracle Billing and Revenue Management, various CCM platforms, Temenos etc)  in every possible way from APIs to native code, always taking into account of course the related intellectual property, even for Open Source licenses.  We use professional tools that discover licencing issues that we may want to address and others that uncover possible vulnerabilities within code that is available to us, mainly open source code.  By taking a professional stance in IP issues, we protect both ourselves and our clients from licensing violations and we improve their cyber security posture.  We are one of the few companies that do that, it is surprising how many companies offer code that has been screened for IP that belongs to others.


Our Support Team

It is not just about technology: New technologies can provide the functionality needed to compete, but large institutions need the security and confidence that their systems will have the needed levels of throughput and high availability, and that they are supported appropriately and professionally with Service Level Agreements and the necessary reporting both for internal and regulatory compliance.


The development team is therefore complemented by senior project managers and technical teams that support multi-layered SLAs.  As with most major platforms, we provide training to our clients teams and most of the support can be performed internally.  For all other issues we use ticketing platforms mainly as reporting tools: regardless of severity level, our team responds in real time.  Our clients have assigned technical contacts called “Client Experts” who have a holistic view of the client and its environment.  Thus Client Experts are able to provide support and resolve issues by themselves,  or if needed, draw upon the large number of experts from the pool of resources of Technical partners.


We are able to provide support at relatively low cost based on our support team structure and extensive technology networks, and also because we develop software of the highest quality standards.


Cyber Security

Our attention to data protection deserves a heading of its own.  Our clients are critical infrastructure companies, so we adhere to the most complete and toughest cyber security standards and regulations.  We protect our systems and client data using the latest technologies and procedures.  Most importantly we are making all our staff aware of the risks with continuous awareness training.  We will report immediately any potential threat to our clients.  Since cybersecurity is an ever evolving challenge, our policy is documented, reviewed, and maintained on a regular basis.

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