Apscale is a new company with a team of experienced professionals that have designed and delivered complex mission critical software and solutions for some of the most demanding clients in the Telecommunications, Hospitality, Banking, Shipping and Utilities sectors. With new collaborations ranging from web applications to cutting edge technologies such as NLP and machine learning, our technology reduces operating costs and streamlines operations and at same time enables companies to offer new products.

The Problem We Are Solving

The challenge for large organizations is how to compete with smaller - yet well funded - rivals.  Such smaller rivals are unencumbered by the need to provide backwards compatibility nor comply with the strictest regulatory frameworks. A multitude of startups can utilise new technologies and the cloud to provide an offering with more functionality and a better user experience at a lower cost.  The fact that their systems are sometimes not resilient to heavy loads nor secure enough becomes apparent to clients only later.  So the challenge for large companies is how to stay relevant and face that assault quickly by putting in front of their clients a modern face and deploying new products.

What We Do

Apscale offers solutions that are on one hand based on our deep experience with large organisations and their systems, and on the other hand on our extensive knowledge of most new frameworks, platforms and technologies. At Apscale we can “marry” both worlds. We thus enable our clients to stay relevant, by extending systems and expand functionality while ensuring performance under the heaviest loads. Naturally our software is in full compliance with the highest standards in regulatory compliance and cyber security.


Apscale full-stack development team delivers native mobile and web applications across all the major platforms. We integrate customer portals to many back-end systems, providing a User Interface that enables end-users to perform many daily operations unassisted and reduce their need to contact customer support. This way, we ensure that our solutions minimize operational costs while ensuring great CX. Our web and mobile app development services include business and requirements analysis, development, user experience (UX) testing and graphic design.


We operate in a service model by developing applications using the agile methodology, so that our clients move quickly from idea to implementation.  Once the project is complete we support the whole installation with Service Level Agreements. Depending on the business needs we can provide fast 24X7responses. With Apscale you will directly get to the right people that know your needs.



Our software supports and connects a multitude of applications and technologies including SAP, Oracle Siebel CRM, Ericsson Billing (former BSCS), Oracle Billing and Revenue Management, various CCM platforms, Temenos, and many other systems either directly or through enterprise service buses.  


Our Integration services tackle complex projects by extracting content, manipulating files, loading data warehouses, cleansing and mining data, as well as managing your server data. Save time and money by adopting automated data flows for processes such as creation and uploading of mass production documents to customer portals, dynamic formatting and personalization upon customer request through web services, direct multi-channel delivery to end customers, designing and implementing APIs between systems and replacing manual or semi-automated operations with resilient, observable and highly available ones.


We fully support ETL processes while maintaining connections with multiple sources, for consistent business analysis and distribution to other systems in any format specified (XML, JSON, CSV, XLSX, PDF, POSTSCRIPT, database and cloud storage system feeding). Our experience in handling and cleaning up data from a small-scale to enterprise level can guarantee dramatic improvement in data processing performance, while assuring your data integrity.

Big Data & Analytics


Apscale can help you optimize the performance and profitability of your business by taking advantage of data analytics tools in a systematic manner to analyze large volumes of customer, business and transactional data from multiple sources quickly and at low cost. You can now analyze customers’ consumer behavior and get valuable insights that will help you find new approaches to your audience and maximize your communications’ efficiency.

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